Unsaved Project Help (Log) MacOS 10.14.5 Audacity 2.3.2

Hello I’ve been reading some threads related to this questions but was hoping to expand the question a little.
I’m running Audacity 2.3.2 on MacOS Mojave 10.14.5

I was recording an hour long podcast episode and everything was fine until I hit stop then I got the beach ball. I tried to wait it out and closed everything else down; nothing. So I came on here saw a thread about closing and letting Audacity do its auto recovery thing but I got a message about an error and then referring me to the log which I have attached. So two questions, is there a chance I can still recover and what data recovery software should I be looking at? I saw mention of data recovery in previous threads but no mention of anything specific.

Thanks for the help in advance
log.txt (597 KB)

You get the Spinning Bea Ball Of Death when the Mac takes longer to complete a task than it thinks it should.

That log file may be created when you try to save a Project and there isn’t room on your drive or storage.

The Project is badly damaged. That’s the error you get when the AU files are missing.

I’m looking for the older manual recovery method.


there isn’t room on your drive or storage

Audacity has an internal sound quality format much larger than normal sound files. This is to avoid quality issues when you apply corrections, filters or effects. The down side of that is the storage needed. A Live recording is very large and the instant you stop recording, it tries to blast free drive space to save the work. A forever beachball means the Mac thinks it will never finish that job.

I was recording an hour long podcast episode

Another one? How many do you have?

Go (top of the desktop) > Computer > Right click (or control-click) Macintosh HD > Get Info.

It’s a good idea to Save A Project just as you’re starting to give the machine a head start preparing space on the drive. That may not help in this case, but it’s still a good idea.