Unofficial Audacity win x64 port

I am not programmer. I know everything- that audacity x32 will work on every x64 machine with any x64 version of Windows.But I would like to have native x64 audacity application for Windows.
If any made that unofficial port I would be thankful if can share it with me.

There is no Audacity port for x64 on Windows.

If you require a 64-bit version of Audacity you can install a 64-bit version of Linux on a 64-bit machine. I think then the repository build of Audacity offered to you via the packaging system would likely be 64-bit. If you self-compile Audacity with default ./configure then you should definitely build a 64-bit version.


Ok but they,unofficial for Windows existed in past.
That’s my reason for question.

I’m not aware of there ever being a 64 bit Windows release, official or otherwise. Even if there were, we could hardly recommend a bootleg version here, and any support issues would be between you and the person that you got it from.