Unlistenable noises

. Hello i have maked a record, the record are qualitity perfect. I just need to amplify my record.
But by amplifying the noises they reveal themselves. How can i amplify my record without amplify the noises?

Unfortunately not possible : both signal & noise will be amplified.
However you can reduce the noise after amplification using Audacity’s Noise Reduction.
( Use sparingly, as it can distort the signal )

This is a common problem with people reading for audiobooks for the first time. They can get the right volume, or the low background noise, but not both. They need Effect > Noise Reduction, too.

Please note Noise Reduction works in two steps. Drag-select a short part of the show with no performance in it—background noise. Effect > Noise Reduction > Profile. Now Audacity knows what to reduce. Select the whole show and Effect > Noise Reduction. Start with the default values.


Ok. Thanks for the help. when i have writed this post i have some hope of that whould be possible. Just another tip.
We can measure the right level of db of noise in the playback measure of dbs if constant.