Unknown Sound

I can’t devote as much time to editing as I’d like, so I am learning slowly. I think I can identify most surface noise, pops, clicks, etc.There is an unwanted sound in the attached sample. I don’t know what it’s called, so I don’t know which tool to play around with in hopes of learning how to repair such sounds.

The lyrics are ‘I heard your voice’. When the word ‘heard’ is sung, is when the unwanted sound is heard. Could you please tell me the name of this sound so I will know which tool to use for it’s repair.

Thank you


I didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary at the word “heard.” It appears perfectly clear. I expanded the blue waves and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Does it still sound funny if you listened on a different player or computer?

We’d be very far ahead if you filled out the information in the pink band at the top of the thread. Also what are you doing? That’s you singing live, right?


If you hear a click or pop, does it appear at a different place each time you play the clip?

My version of Windows is Vista Premium SP2. My version of Audacity is 2.0.3. I downloaded the executable file.

I’m sorry about the missing information. I copied it to the clipboard from an earlier post. Apparently, I forgot to transfer it from the clipboard to this post.

I don’t have another computer set up right now. I first noticed the sound while editing with Audacity. I went back and played the original copy with Media Player Classic. The sound was there. Next, I played the original with Windows Media player. The sound was there.

I think I have something you can work with, albeit crude. I played the clip with MPC while holding a (cheap) mic to a speaker, while Audacity was in record mode. I can see a spike in my recording where the sound is.

“What am I doing?” Just adding a tiny bit of treble and bass to a song. I do this to most of my music if it lacks a ‘full’ sound. It has never caused this.

The singer is Tammy Wynette. She and George Jones are doing a duet titled ‘Take Me’. Here is how I am using this song (and I just noticed that sound is in the video as well.


If you don’t here the sound @00:22 sec. in the video, should I assume it to be my speakers and dig out and hook up different speakers?

I don’t know where to go with this. I don’t near anything wrong with any of those performances.

Do the English version of the problem:

“During the word ‘Hear,’ there is a ‘tick’ sound.”

I have had damaged speakers where one particular tone would cause a ripped paper cone to make its own sound, different from the show.