Look, I have had a hard weekend wrestling with programs and downloads. I am disappointed that I can’t seem to trigger plugins via usb with my keyboard. This is me giving up. I just want to know how to completely uninstall this program and go back to my Krog D2300 and garageband. I am tempted to ask why garageband can do something Audacity apparently cant, but my brain hurts. Thanks for any help. With all respect. Karl

Go > Applications: Trash the Audacity application folder.
Drag the Dock icon to the trash.
Go > Go To Folder… > /Users/koz/Library/Application Support : Trash the audacity folder.

Did something in the Audacity instructions tell you that you could do what you’re trying to do? Audacity tends to not support fancy plugins that need pictures, video, or animation. It also doesn’t work all that well over a network and it doesn’t do anything in real time.

Audacity is pretty simple, but it can usually do a lot more tricks than Garage Band can.


Thanks, I don’t mean to diss Audacity. It wasn’t the instructions, but someone told me I could do this but they where mistaken. I’m sure it’s a great program, I’ve just had a hard weekend. If I was disrespectful I apologize.
Thanks for the instructions and sorry for being cranky.

someone told me I could do this but they where mistaken.

What would “this” be?

I’m sorry, I was referring to my earlier comment about triggering synth sound plugins with my yamaha usb keyboard, while working in Audacity. Apparently that is not an option.
Thanks again for your help.

Audacity doesn’t do MIDI.