Uninstall Version installed from source

I recently upgraded my computer (to Pop_OS 22.04), and Audacity stopped working. I think the issue is that I have an old version (2.4.1), and I need to update. I have the old source code, so I must have installed from scratch (it is not registered with apt-get or flatpak).

However, I can’t find an uninstall script, or a uninstall target in the makefile.

Can I just delete /usr/local/bin/audacity or is there something else I need to remove.

If you want to completely remove Audacity, run this command:

locate -ib '\audacity' > ~/Desktop/audacity-install.txt

This will write a file “audacity-install.txt” into your Desktop folder (you could modify the command to write the file to a different location if you wish).

The “-ib” switch does a “basename” (-b) search that is case insensitive (catches “Audacity” and “audacity”).

“>” directs the output to a file

This will give you a file that contains a list of Audacity’s files and directories. The most important of which are:


Also, the hidden .cfg in your home directory:
~/.audacity (if it exists)
(Ensure that you backup any plug-ins or macros that you have installed here if you want to retain them.)

After removing those, you may want to do a more comprehensive search for any other bits (this is optional and should be after removing the above, otherwise you will see a huge list with thousands of entries).

locate -i 'audacity' > ~/Desktop/audacity-install.txt

Before removing anything that you are unsure about, make an adequate backup so that you can revert if necessary.