Unhelpful 'validation error'; website problems

As in Audacity 2.x, this can happen:

That is: one has input two numbers and an error message tells you one - or both? - of them is wrong and . . does not tell which one. Clearly, this needs changing.

Also: the page on reporting bugs does not actually say, explicitly, what page one uses. (I worked it out after a while, but then failed -as usual - to manage to log into the seemingly horrible Bugzilla.)

Finally: I found some page - I am afraid I forget which - which contained a link for ‘reporting bugs by email’. The link, which was to this: https://www.audacityteam.org/#feedback, does not work properly.

Really finally: the ‘preview’ option for this post threw an error one of the times I used it, but perhaps the problem there is at my end.

Strange. For me it highlights the (first) one that is wrong:


There’s no longer anyone monitoring that email address, so it has been closed. The guy that used to monitor it died a few years back.
The best place to report bugs is here on this forum.

If you remember what page the email link was on, I’ll remove the link if I can.

steve, here is a page: https://m.facebook.com/AudacityTeamOfficial/?locale2=sv_SE

Thanks. Updated.

You don’t waste any time. :smiley: