Unfortunately I've Been Baned From the Windows Forum

Gale you have ban me and locked a topic I started on: Does Amply Boost EQ? And you stated that I was asking a question which had already been answered. The reason I started a new topic is I wanted others opinions and secondly, it just makes sense to have a thread which specifically addresses this questions.

The action you took to ban me is unreasonable, quite unfortunate and in itself, makes a statement. I am expecting this post to be deleted. One moderator can spoil the entire experience.

I want to thank Robert and Steve who were instrumental in answering my questions. You will find my product review with support ratings at: http://talkingmanuals.com/audio-products/. You may kindly remove me from this community forum.

This is nothing to do with “Adding Features to Audacity”, so I moved the topic.

You have not been banned, but put back on moderation for asking the same questions over and over.

Locking the topic is asking you to stop posting the same questions over and over.

Unless you post spam advertising links, you will be warned before being banned.

This isn’t in practice really a community forum although it would be nice. Only a small number of regulars read and answer topics every day. You were already told that increasing the volume makes bass more evident. It’s an insult to those who have answered to question that and “ask others’ opinions”.

We offer support for Audacity, but if you have complaints about MP3DirectCut you need to take those complaints there.

By the way I am male so perhaps you would call me a “leading tenor” instead of a “prima donna”.

Your posts have raised interesting points so I won’t be removing them. We just don’t have time to answer the same points over and over.