Unexplained Static on IVR

I have a VoIP account, and am trying to set up an IVR. When you call in, the IVR plays an intro message which is music and me saying, “Press 1 to continue…” If the caller doesn’t press an option, or presses the wrong option, then a second message is played with me saying, “That is an invalid option…” This message will keep playing about every 5 seconds if the caller doesn’t press 1.

Here is a screenshot of my “That is an invalid option” recording…

Here is the problem…

When I call my IVR from my Mac using VoIP and don’t press an option, after the above message plays, I get like 4-5 seconds of loud static from the IVR like this…

When I reported this issue to the VoIP company, they insist that static in my recording is causing the IVR to flip out and play static.

They tell me that I need to make sure there is “silence” before and after my voice prompt.

Well, see the first image above, and tell me how you can create anymore “silence” than that?!

Now, I realize that this is not a VoIP/IVR support forum, but can you think of anything I am doing wrong that could be causing this issue??

In the example above, it is just annoying! But where it is breaking things is if you do press “1”, and then the IVR rings 3 times, and if I don’t pick up, then after my “Please leave a message… ” I am getting the same loud 4-5 seconds of static, and the IVR system takes that as the caller’s message, and so there is no way to leave a message!!

If I can’t figure this out, then I cannot use this IVR feature and that is a real bummer considering I have had excellent results with this VoIP provider with my home phone.

Any ideas what is going on?


Mac Audio

Try selecting each of the “silent” areas and doing Edit > Remove Special > Silence Audio.
– Bill