Uneven sound on a mono recording.

I recorded a two hour podcast in mono on accident. And my guests are much louder than I am. I can go in and create an envelope for every time they talk, which would take me hours. But I was wondering if there were an effect that kept my voice at the same level and brought theirs down?

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You could try the compressor tools.


Assuming this show doesn’t have to match anything else, you might also try Chris’s Compressor.


Chris designed it to even out volume variations so he could listen to opera in the car. I use it to simulate broadcast processing on podcasts by changing the first value, Compression, from 0.5 to 0.77.

Here’s three samples. No compression, default compression and 0.77 compression.

Note everything goes up, but that first blue blob on the left goes up the most to match everything else.