Undo History list bug?

Audacity V2.0.6 installed via .exe
Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium Service Pack 1
Asus mobo
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.20Ghz

Including 2 screenshots of history display Notice how the action “Moved ‘old soundbite’ up” is repeated, about 50 times. There were only 2 tracks in the project at the time, and I only moved it from the second spot to the top, once. Never noticed this sort of “loop bug” before. It’s not a severe problem, has no other negative effects I’ve noticed, just thought you ought to know about it.

Audacity history glitch1.jpg
Audacity history glitch2.jpg

Thanks for the report.

I can see three audio tracks and a label track in your images, none called by the name of the track moved up in the history. Did you previously have 50 tracks in this project and did you mouse drag “old soundbite” from bottom to top? A mouse drag from bottom to top registers a History item for each track that is passed over during the drag.

If you have a project that will reproduce the issue on moving the track up, please post it online and give us its address.

Thanks for your help.