Undo ECHO effect

Dear All,
Please help. URGENT.
I have recorded voice and applied echo effect in the voice (in fact multiple voices in the same project for a chorus song), saved the project and closed it. However on playing back the recording, I found that the echo is too high to my liking. I then opened the project and tried to remove the echo from the voices but could not find a way to do that.

Kindly help.



Almost certainly not - it’s like trying to take the banana out of a banana milkshake.

Your learning from this should be to make a backup copy of the raw recording before you start playing with adding effects, then you can always go back and start over.

You can always add an effect, listen in Audacity (but do not close the project) and then use the Undo command to revert.


That’s bad news for me waxcylinder. However thank you so much for your prompt and clear reply. I have to do a re-recording now. Surely make a backup of the raw file from now on.