Undo an effect Maded before Saved

I revorded a song and I finished it, but to finish it I aplied Noise reduction in residue instead reduce in all the audios
I didn’t not realize and I saved it, then I close it
But when I oppened again I looked what I did
But now i can’t undo that and all just sounds noise
Y don’t have anny copy of the document and in the properties don’t shows previous versións
There are a way to fix it??

Projects will not save UNDO if you close Audacity.


revorded a song

When you finish live performing a song, Export a WAV sound file before you do anything else. If there is an error in editing or production and UNDO is not available, you can open the WAV file.

MP3 and Audacity Projects are not recommended for this.

If there is no WAV backup file and you closed Audacity, then that’s the end of the world.