Undo A Phaser Effect After Saved?

Right… Here’s my issue! Basically, I’ve accidentally saved a project with an unwanted phaser effect on a short section of a vocal track! I realise that after saving there is no way of “Undoing” the effect, so I was wondering if there is any kind of method to get the vocal sounding as clean as possible? The phaser effect settings were the defaults, I was thinking maybe there would be a way to add another phaser effect with specific settings to “Cancel out” the effect?

  • Thanks!

Audacity Projects do not save undo and most music formats don’t, either.

While I know it’s tempting to assume that since we have access to the programming for the effects, it should be possible to UNDO them by reversing the programming, in practice it’s a lot more involved.

If you submitted that programming, I’m sure the Audacity developers would be happy to talk to you.


Unfortunately the phaser effect cannot be reversed.