Undesirable Noises

So I got my microphone to work properly yesterday (after a month of trying) and now I have a huge problem - it always records a “static” noise that could possibly be the fan of my laptop. However, I’m not so sure because it was still recording that sound despite isolating the microphone.

I use Audacity 1.3. I’m recording spoken word poetry.
Microphone: Behringer C01U
System: Windows 7
Recording Device: Integrated Microphone Array (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) [use that to record with the Behringer C01U]
Sound Cards: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, AMD High Definition Audio Device

I have headphones plugged into the laptop while I was trying to record. Please help me! D:

Try making a recording while running the laptop from batteries and see if that makes a noticeable improvement. Power supplies will often produce a lot of electrical noise, and we can’t do anything about that other than advise that you run from batteries when doing audio work.

If that does not solve the problem, could you post a short test sample.
The test sample should be just a few seconds long and include at least one spoken word (at normal recording level) and some “silence” (noise only). Do not edit or process the recording in any way, we need to know what it sounds like as it is recorded. The sample should be Exported in WAV format (Use “Export Selection” to export a short section from a longer recording).