Understanding Name and Title columns on Exported files

I’m trying to understand ‘Name’ and ‘Title’ columns on exported files and how that info will be used when I invest in good DAC hardware for playback.
Short story is…this is a large project of converting 10" RtoR library to Flac and eventual access with new DAC’s.
Any tape of mine has multiple artists, from multiple albums…they are a self-designed compilation. Lacking a better idea I have started ‘Labeling’ my track marks with “Artist name, Album name”.
On the exported file, that info (“Artist name, Album name”) then appears both in the ‘Name’ column and in the ‘Title’ column. Interesting :slight_smile: .
This doesn’t bother me…if it is a default and, it-is-what-it-is.
My concern is, when I start using a good DAC, will that “Artist name, Album name” convention (in both Name and Title columns) be good for me accessing/sorting music that I want? I’d say the most common sort that I might use would be…all tracks by a particular artist, however, all tracks from a particular album would be nice too.
My ignorance is not knowing the common capabilities of good DAC’s these days (both system and portable)…and I’m doubting that my convention of just inserting a comma between Artist and Album is really going to do anything for me.
Hope I’m making sense with my question.
Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

It’s not the DAC, it’s the software. :wink:

[u]MP3TAG[/u] (FREE) supports most formats, not just MP3, and you can select all of files in a folder (like if you have an album) and enter all of the common information once. (And you can add the artwork).

Every audio format uses different tagging standards and I think Audacity has a little trouble supporting all of the variations, and it’s completely missing support for embedded album artwork.

Thanks…I’ll study MP3TAG but I’m taking from your post that ‘no’, the simple info I’m putting in Audacity tags is not going to get me where I want to go. Sounds like I might be adding MP3TAG’s help to my finished Flac files and using it to put correct info in correct MP3TAG columns, and then saving that as my real archive file.