Uncompressed Export Setup


Is it possible to get Audacity 2.02 to allow (or set permanently) the Uncompressed Export Setup header to WAV (Microsoft) and Encoding U-Law and add that to a custom chain? I have 4,400 files to convert and everything in the chain works perfectly save for that one little option. I would have to export all of them individually without this option.

Many thanks for any help.


“Other Uncompressed Files” does remember its last choice, but you cannot add that format choice to chains - that is a feature request for which I’ll add your vote.

It may be possible to multiple select and import the files, perhaps 50 at a time, perform your edits then File > Export Multiple, choosing “Split files based on Tracks”. It depends what edits you are making.

Alternatively I have an old Beta build I made a while ago that supports “Other Uncompressed Files” in Chains, but it is for Windows, so you would have to run it in BootCamp assuming you have a licensed copy of Windows. If you want that, please send me a Private Message (the icon is to the right of this message). You will still have to be moderate about the number of files processed through chains - someone else was having issues if he tried to process more than 1,000 at a time.


Although this involves a second step performed on the 4400 files it may be better than attempting Export Multiple.

Do everything in the chain including export as a standard WAV.

Get Max http://sbooth.org/Max/

Use Max to convert the standard WAVs to WAV uLaw encoding.

– Bill

Many thanks, Gale and Bill. I do run Windows in Boot Camp but I’d first look for an OS X solution. I’ll check out Max to see if it fits the bill.

I really appreciate the responses.