Unclosed token line / missing elements: never-ending proble

Hey there,

I’ve been getting the Unclosed Token Line 6442 after Audacity crashed recently, though after saving my file.

When I open my programming editor, and simply remove the last line (shown below), it simply gives me the same mistake on line 6438 (the line) - and so on.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. The last part of the file looks like this:

As a global concept, statements have to be opened and closed.

WaveBlock Lucile Ball is required to be followed by, eventually, /WaveBlock Lucile Ball. That’s the open and close. Peeling off statements may just make it worse. Fix the close, or instead, peel off an even number of opens and closes.

If you’re inside an aup file it’s even worse. The top of the aup file is left and the bottom is right. Those have to match, too.


The rough structure of a .aup file is:

         <envelope numpoints="0"/>

You can, of course, have multiple wavetracks in a project, each wavetrack and have multiple waveclips, etc.

Your file ends with an unclosed .

Recovery of this file may not be possible, as it appears Audacity crashed while writing it. That said, you could try this:

On a copy of the .aup file;
Delete the last lines starting with the to the end. In other words delete:

<waveblock start="221856709" >
<simpleblockfile filename='b00892.au' len='238693' min='-0.734857' max='0.609264' rms=

Then add at the end:

         <envelope numpoints="0"/>

With luck this will fix the structure of the .aup file. You will probably lose some audio (since the blockfiles will no longer be referenced in the .aup file) and you will probably get a warning about “orphan block files” when you open it (assuming it opens at all).

Good luck.

– Bill