unblocking unblocked file, somehow solved crash problem - CLOSED


I have a question about a weird SOLVED problem, that the solving process is not understandable, at all. Why it happens.

I got a big AVI file (683MB) from OBS-Studio, after recording output, into a file (48 Kilo Hz , 16 bit PCM).
I tried to edit it using Audacity

What i edited at first:

  1. I deleted the empty (no-sound) samples from the begining and the ending of the song.
  2. I slowed down the song by 1.75%


Now, I lowering the tone of the song (pitch) by 0.25 half-tones, but the software is crashing while doing the pitch editing (after about 10 seconds), so i can’t continue. It happens again, when i do the same editing process.

Now, when i open audacity, and try to recover the project, it says:
“Warning: Problems in Automatic Recovery”
“Project check found file inconsistencies during automatic recovery”
“select ‘help > Diagnostics > Show Log…’ to see details.”

the log says:
log.txt (6.16 KB)

I have to UNBLOCK all the NON-BLOCKED files in "C:\Users\yk\AppData\Local\Audacity\SessionData\project[some number…]\e08\d08", and then, low the pitch.

Why is that happens? Is it a known issue? Is there a way to fix it without unblock the files on any edit?

Sorry about my english, and Hope it will help someone,


No, not a known issue.

Please describe in more detail what you are doing.

Hey steve!

It’s an old post I have posted when I started learning Audacity.
Now I reading it again & trying to make the error again, by recording the computer output & edit the file, as I described.
I do not get an error.

I have formated my computer a couple of times from then until now, so it maybe was an error in my file system.
Audacity is a great project! one of the primary tools in my arsenal until now!

I think the post should be closed, it was a noob mistake. :laughing:

Thanks for the update Yaron_Koresh.