Unable to transfer file via usb stick

Hi, Can anyone help me with the following please?
I sent a recorded file from Windows XP and Audacity 1.2 (old computer) to a USB Stick and then downloaded it to Windows 7 Latest Audacity version (new Computer).
The new computer opens the it, but says it cant find locate the file.

Any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

If you Exported a WAV (Microsoft) sound file from the original computer, that should open up anywhere in any application. If you saved an Audacity Project, I believe that should open in the new Audacity, provided you moved the whole Project.

This is an Audacity Project.

You need both parts in their original filenames for the show to open.


I believe the backwards compatibility goes back to Audacity 1.3 and maybe all the way back to 1.2. Try it.


Hi Koz,
Many thanks for your help.

I have used the Wav format and it seems to be OK.

Not sure about saving it as an Audacity project and the two parts of a file etc.
But the wav thing worked.

It would be good for all sorts of programs to automatically save in the most used format ie; Pictures in Jpg and Audio in Wav with options if required.
Being a part time computer user, I sometimes struggle with the elongated programming required to do simple tasks.

In this case, I really appreciate your help.

Regards, Metalart.

Saving, or rather exporting, as a WAV file is ok if all you have is a simple single track project - but is useless for saving a complex multi-project with envelope points.

Exporting the WAV will mix down that multi-track project into a single two track stereo audio file with the envelope points rendered. Good for final production but useless for the user that need to come back to that project an edit it later.

Have a read of this page from the Audacity Manual: Managing Audacity Projects - Audacity Manual


Leaving aside envelope points and gain and pan settings, it is possible to export a multi-track project as a multi-channel WAV file. To do that you have to enable “Use custom mix” in Import / Export Preferences.