unable to store recording into audacity

stymied…when i try to save file into audacity i get a message saying you don’t have permission to save in this location…contact the administrator to obtain permission…it asked if i would rather save it in another location… cant get past this…i am using windows 7 with a audio technica at l60 turntable…dont even know where to begin here…there is so much info here…

installed 2.02 from online …could not reload 2.0 disc that came with turntable…strange

My Win7 insisted on saving work to the same folder that contains the program. Saving work in Program Files is a terrible idea. Change the directory to My Music, Desktop or some other location.

Are you the Administrator on your machine or are you running as the Standard User? Standard User is not authorized to save files in the Program Files Folder and that will fail.


A really dumb default - but once you have changed it your changed location will be rembered.