Unable to save project

I am using Windows 8.1 on a Dell laptop and Audacity Portable 2.0.3. I am working with a long .mp3 file, have labeled selected portions for tracks and now cannot save any of my work. My File Menu has only Recent, Import and Exit as usable links, all other items are greyed-out and can’t be selected. My goal is to split the tracks so that I can have a cd with 32 tracks instead of one. This is my first project with Audacity and I am stumped. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

Most functions in Audacity are disabled when Audacity is playing, recording or paused.

Press the Stop button to stop playback, then open the File menu.

Also, we do not offer any support for Audacity Portable on Audacity Forum. Audacity Portable is a separate project. Please use Audacity Portable Support.