Unable to save original .aup file

I’m on Apple Max 10.9.5 with Audacity 2.1.1.

I’ve exported my audio file to MP3 but would also like to save the original .aup file for future edits.

However, I am not able to save the project as .aup format.

I have enough memory / storage capacity. My disk is not full.

Please can you let me know how I can save my project.

Please see attachment with image of the message I’m getting for not being able to save.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 22.19.17.png

I am not able to save the project as .aup format.

Did you put punctuation marks in your filename? Dates?

Use the ISO standard for dates. Today is 2017-02-03. DO NOT use slashmarks. Underscore and dash are OK.

A note. This is an Audacity Project.

There is no AUP format. It’s not a sound file. It’s sorta-English computer programming to tell Audacity what do to with all that stuff in the _DATA folder.

You might have troubles if you try to save the show in a bad place. Try saving to the Desktop just to see if it works.



No I am not using punctuation marks or dates for saving this file. I’m still not able to save it and have kept Audacity open. I.e. I’m not able to shut down my Mac.

Can someone please resolve this?

Many Thanks

Until we resolve this, select each stereo track by clicking just above MUTE and Export Selected WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit so you can put a high quality show back together later if nothing else works. That’s recommended as show archive anyway.

Are you trying to save to DropBox?

It may not be complaining about the hard drive as much as physical memory. When was the last time you emptied the trash? What are W, P and X? I have had Safari connections use up all of my processor preventing other programs from working. Is your desktop full of icons and works in progress? That can cause problems.

Do you have a video open in iTunes? More memory. OS-X is pretty good about allocating memory and resources, but it’s not open ended.


Hi Koz

Thank you, I’ve saved the individual tracks in WAV (Microsoft) 16 bit files.

I’m not saving to Dropbox.

I’ve cleared my trash many times in the last week.

Any other suggestions please?

Why does Audacity not allow me to save the .aup file in any case to an external hard disk drive?

Kind Regards

not allow me to save the .aup file in any case to an external hard disk drive?

It doesn’t. I can save to eternal, well-behaved FireWire drives. Jury’s out on thunderbolt drives. What it objects to is ratty USB drives. The video people have trouble with those, too.


Thanks Koz.

So, I’m back to square one. Please advise how to get around this.

If I force quit, what are the chances that the unsaved audio .aup file will open again and allow me to save?


It’s unknown why you can’t save, but make sure the exported WAV files play correctly without gaps or other issues. If they do, then force quit of Audacity should recover the project as long as you don’t reboot the computer.

But is there anything in the project such as envelope points that is not in the exported WAV files? You can make a new project from the WAV files by importing them into a new empty project.

Your image shows you are exporting to your Desktop, not to a USB drive. What exactly do you type when you save the file name for the project? Can you just save it called as project.aup or similar then rename it in Finder?

Does Help > Show Log… top right of Audacity show errors when you try to save? If so, what do the errors say exactly?