Unable to Save As my Timed recordings

Recently recorded a radio show utilizing the timer function. I am unable to find it…but when opening Audacity I see a Automatic Crash Recovery tab open. If I do this, I can see the file, but I cannot save as after that . If I choose that Audacity closes on me. What gives?

I can’t be the only person that has encountered this problem…Anyone?? Audacity V. 2.1.0 OS is old…XP Anything I do in the drop down tab File will cause it to close…immediately…

I didn’t understand that.

Which version of Audacity are you using, and which version of Windows are you using?

Why did you have to open Audacity? Did you select the option to shut down or restart the system on completion?

Did you tell Timer Record to Export, or to Save the project?
Where did you tell it to Export or Save to?

Running Version 2.1 of Audacity…PC is still XP. I do not remember what I told Audacity to do when time ran out. I was needing to leave quickly. When I open Audacity now it allows a recovery of that recording…the Automatic Crash Recovery window pops up, I select the bottom right option…Recover Projects…I can then see the audio as recorded… but when I go into the File tab…and do anything there…soon as I select any option Audacity closes…Boom! No saving of anything…it closes immediately. I think this happened once before to me…and there was a work around to the issue.Can’t recall what it was tho.

Can you play the recovered project?

I assume that you mean the “File menu”.
What happens if, instead of going into the File menu, you press “Ctrl+Shift+E”?
What happens if, instead of going into the File menu, you press “Ctrl+O”? (letter “Oh”, not number zero)

Thanks Steve for chiming back in here. Yes, the File menu is where I go. Yes, I can play the file then. I will give the 2 Ctrl key ideas a whirl. I’d really like to save this recording as it was a radio show of the early 70’s songs, the stuff radio doesn’t play anymore.Edit: I tried both Ctrl ideas…neither worked.As soon as I did that Audacity closes. I may try connecting a laptop to the PC and play the file while recording it onto the Laptop.