unable to save an audacity created cd to new format

I am absolutely new to the game so please bear with me. Our organization has recently started recording programming using Audacity. I was given a CD that was created and apparently saved as an aud file extention. Before attempting to upload the file, I played it on my laptop to be sure it was a good copy. Word Press of course will not allow me to upload the file. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge with a Windows7 operating system. I downloaded and installed Audicity as an exe. After receiving the error message from Word Press, I attempted to change the format to WAV and also to MP3 by importing the raw data then exporting. A file was created for each but they are empty. The original cd is over an hour long, but when I click on the files that I created, there is only 132 bytes on one and 127 on the other. How can I get the audio to export to the desired format? Thank you for your help. DABC

Audacity does not “create” CDs. Audacity records audio, then can export that audio into a format that can be burned onto an audio CD by a CD-burning program.

How is that recording done? In what format is the audio exported (WAV, MP3, AIF, etc.)?

Do you mean AUP file extension? AUP is the Audacity project file extension, and is not an audio file. I am not familiar with the AUD file extension, but I found this using google:

AUD is a file extension for an audio file using AUD compression. AUD compression was created by Westwood Studios and is used in several computer games, including Command and Conquer and Red Alert. AUD files can be opened by the NICE Media Player.

I don’t think that Audacity can export in the AUD file format.

So what you have is a standard audio CD that will play on a standard CD player? Or do you have a data CD of some kind?

You should not need to import the “raw data”. It depends on what is on the CD, as noted above.

So we need more information on exactly what is on the CD. If it will play in a standard CD player then you need to “extract” or “rip” the track from the CD onto your hard drive before you can import them into Audacity. If the CD contains data (is not a standard audio CD), then you should be able to copy those files to your hard drive then import them into Audacity.

– Bill

sorry, yes I did mean aup format. I assumed it was aup because of the warning that appears when you save a project. the cd is in the drive now. when I click on the device the letters CDFS are listed. Does that refer to the format?

I have a standard memorex cd thatplays on a standard player. there is spoken word and singing. it was recorded live with mics plugged into mixer. I don’t know how it was saved or burned to cd. have been unable to connect with person who did work.

See here for a brief description of how Audacity Projects work: http://manual.audacityteam.org/manual/help/manual/man/audacity_projects.html

Then see here for a tutorial about creating audio CDs: http://manual.audacityteam.org/manual/help/manual/man/burning_music_files_to_a_cd.html

thanks everyone for all of your help. i did as bill suggeted and was able to get it in the proper format.