Unable To Save A Label Track

i’m trying to save multiple labels but receive an error message saying “unable to open target file for writing.” This is on the latest version 3.0.2 & I’ve tried saving to different locations, including the desktop, all without success. The labels are numbers & do not contain any invalid characters and I’m trying to save to my pictures folder, the same as I always have without any issues before today. I can save it as a single MP3 file without a problem but it doesn’t work with multiple labels. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Do you mean “Export Multiple” based on labels? (https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/export_multiple.html)

If so, what options are you using in the Export Multiple dialog?

Yes I do mean Export Multiple - I’m just using the options that came up automatically: My PictureS folder, Format MP3 Files, Bit Rate Mode Preset, Quality Standard, Split Files based on Labels & Name Files using Label/Track Name.

Try changing that to one of the other two options. Does it then save the files?

It’s working ok today. Didn’t change anything so no idea why. Thanks for your help though.

Thanks for the update.

For what it’s worth, the usual cause of that error message is if a label name contains a “/” or "" character.