Unable to restore project after computer crash

I have been reading several threads on this matter (+ the FAQ) but I don’t seem to be able to recover my project correctly.
I was working on a project I had saved several times. After a power failure, I tried to go back to work on the project, at least to the latest version I had saved, but the automatic recovery tool only managed to show a time line with no waveforms. I made a copy of the project and the situation is the same; not the weight though: the original project is 499 KB and the copy 996 KB, which gives me some hope because the data folder is 1.19GB . I have tried to import the original data from the _data folder but Audacity won’t allow me to choose more than 1 file at a time. Isn’t there an automatic recovery tool for Audacity 2.3.3? Can I recover the project somehow?