Unable to register from Opera

I’ve just spent the last hour trying to register.
I was using Opera (v. 9.24 Windows) and after sending registration details, no confirmation e-mail was received.
Using the “resend confirmation e-mail” - still no e-mail received.

I tried to notify you of the problem, but there seems to be no way to contact the forum unless you are logged in (catch 22 type situation) :laughing:

After several attempts, I tried using the “resend confirmation e-mail” from Firefox 2 and that worked.

It would probably be a good idea to have some alternative method of contact for such situations (such as an e-mail form with a captcha to cut down on the spam).

Also, if this is an inherent problem with the forum software, a note on this board advising of it would be useful.

buanzo AT THE FABULOUS DOMAIN audacityteam.org - That’s me. I am the system administrator for the project. Anyone who needs to contact me… well, there you go :slight_smile:

PS: Replace AT THE FABULOUS DOMAIN with an “@” :slight_smile: