Unable to recover project after computer's battery died


Today I was working on a new project, and something came up so I left my computer where it was. When I came back later, my computer had died. So I plugged it back in. Usually, when this happens all I have to do is restart the computer and open Audacity to get the recovery files. This time though, there was no pop-up box for the recovery temportary files, and there were no recovery files to be found. Is there a way I can recover this unsaved project, or find the files somewhere? I worked for a long time very tirelessly to get the recordings just right, and now they’re gone and I’m very frustrated.

Thank you,


Did you save the project at any time?

Usually, when this happens

Usually, when this happens…?

Do you have it set to go to sleep after a period of inactivity?

Time for a new battery pack?