unable to record.

I’m trying, without success, to record my classical guitar on Audacity. I’m using two cardoid mic’s into a presonus usb 96 interface. The green monitoring level on the Audacity screen show sound is being received but the waveform isn’t showing anything other than tiny blips when recording and there’s no sound on playback. I can successfully record via my Tascam D6O with the same inputs but that’s standalone from the PC. I also use the same setup via the PC on Skype when I have online guitar lessons, it’s just this issue recording on Audacity . l I’m an absolute novice at this and feel I may have done something in setting it up. I have tried un-- reinstalling Audacity.

Make sure to select the USB interface as your [u]Recording Device[/u].

thanks , I’ll go down that route later and get back with any outcome, thanks

the usb audiobox was selected. The green monitor lines are mid range on record and playback but I have to turn the mic’s right up to get any discernable movement on the sound waveform. I feel it’s equipment related, not audacity as I have audacity on my main pc which I don’t use for recording and everything works as it should with peaks easily showing when clapping and that’s from a simple logitec webcam. The PC I use, and is solely for my guitar work is probably the cheapest one and that’s maybe where my problem lies.