Unable to record via soundcard

I’m trying and failing to get my Tascam US322 soundcard to record in audacity.

It shows up as an input device but once I hit the record button, I get the “sample rate error” message and recording locks up.

Any suggestions?


Please post the “Audio device info” so that we can see your current settings (See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/help_menu_diagnostics.html)

Also, this can happen if there is a mismatch between your recording and playback sample rates. One quick and easy thing to try: try switching back and forth between MME and WASPI.

The default sample rate for Audacity is 44100Hz. Run “mmsys.cpl” in the windows search box (it’s on the Windows Task Bar right next to the Windows Start Button, sometimes labeled with a magnifying glass). In your Playback tab, select your Tascam US322, then Properties, Advanced, Default Format. Select a format that includes 44100Hz or 44.1kHz. Repeat for your Recording tab.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Here goes…I’m not sure what device ID i’m using but it looks like I have choices I didn’t even know about.

It works in Ableton without a hitch but then I don’t have as comprehensive editing capabilities, hence Audacity being my preferred editor.
deviceinfo.txt (6.48 KB)

In the Device Toolbar, try selecting:
host = MME
Recording device = Line In (TASCAM US-322)
Playback device = Speakers (TASCAM US-322)

Yep, that did the trick.

I was recording in Ableton and then transferring it to Audacity, which was is an unnecessarty faff. Things are much more streamlined now, so I can get on with digitising my vinyl collection.

You’ve been a great help so thank you very much.

Cheers for the message.

I had already gone through various selections and it didn’t work but the problem is fixed now. It would appear that the soundcard wasn’t assigned properly at a more basic level.

Anyway, thanks for the reply and keep up the excellent work.