unable to record using M-audio Fire wire solo sound card

Hi,i have an HP 500 laptop running Ubuntu 13.04 I also have a fire wire solo M-audio sound card attached through a PCMCIA card on my laptop, now how do I record on Audacity using the M-Audio fire wire solo as an input?

Anticipating thanks

I assume no-one answered because they don’t understand the question.

M-Audio is not intended by the manufacturer to be used on Linux so you will always rely on the core Firewire support in the Linux kernel and possibly extra Linux-specific drivers written by the ALSA community. Have you looked for or downloaded special drivers from the Ubuntu or ALSA Forums?

What exactly are the symptoms of the problem? Have you restarted Audacity after connecting the M-Audio? Does the computer recognise the M-Audio?

Have you tried http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_recording_troubleshooting.html#flatline ?