Unable to record using Audacity

I have an iMac running 10.14.5. Audacity 2.3.2. I also use a Behringer UA202 usb sound card. I have transferred cassettes from a Yamaha cassette deck using the line in on the Behringer without an issue, although tot was on an older iMac but essentially the same.

I have an Audio Technica AT120usb turntable which I have connected via the line out on the turntable to the line in on the Behringer. It will play fine, I have speakers connected from the output on the Behringer. It also shows the output in the OSX Sound preferences.

However I get no response from Audacity at all. The sound card shows in Audacity as USB Codec go both in and out.

Any ideas? I may be doing something obvious.


See if this helps: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/no-recording-level/51788/1