Unable to record streaming audio

Despite trying combination settings “WASAPI” and “Speaker” recording (loopback) or “Headphone” recording (loopback), I am not able to get Audacity to record music streams from the Net. Pls. help. Thanks


Which three-number Audacity do you have?
Which streaming service are you trying to record?
Are you using any other audio applications such as Chat, Games or Skype?


  1. Audacity 2.1.3
  2. Youtube
  3. No usage of chat, games, skype at all.


Usually, recording (with WASAPI) will not occur until the audio stream is active. So you would set Audacity to record from the “loopback” of the specific device that your web browser uses, press “Record” on Audacity (recording does not start yet), then start the web browser playing (recording now starts).
Note that the “Project rate” (lower left corner of the main Audacity window) must match the playback sample rate of the device that you are recording (usually 44100 or 48000 Hz, but look in the Windows Sound Control Panel to check).

Or do it the proper way. Download the video using a browser extension, add FFmpeg to your computer then drag the video into Audacity and you have a copy of the audio exactly as it is in the video without having to record it in real time.

Of course you must have copyright holders’ permission to do these things.