Unable to record on XP

i am using windows xp and oflate i am not able to record on audacity and i am using version2.0.2.i see no record graph

or any sound.my connection look ok bcoz till recently i recorded my tapes to mp3 format and they were real good

i dont know how to rectify this problem

Topic spilt.

Please tell us about your system and what exactly you are doing so that we may be able to offer help.
See here for a brief guide to the type of information required: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-post-a-question-on-the-forum/23175/1

my system is windows xp and i use audacity 2.0.2 to convert casaette tapes tp mp3 files.i connect my tape recorder headphone

socket with audio in of my cpu and thro that i record using audacity. I use a usb casaette player for this purpose.I did

convert about 15 tapes but for the past 2 days it is not recording anythng-either from pc itself or thro line in sounds.

I tried recording pc sounds using some other recorder softwares and it works. but with audacity i am not able to record any

sound from pc.can you yell me why and how to solve this?

I don’t understand why you are connecting the headphone socket of the USB cassette player to the audio input of your computer. Do the cassette player instructions say that you should do that?