Unable to record on Audacity

Friends: I am unable to get any recording on Audacity. When I checked properties on my sound card I see recording is grayed out. I tried to get a driver for Realtek HD audio Stereo Mix, but no luck. Windows XP. Either the driver comes with baggage or you have to pay. Can anyone help me? thank you.

If you have a branded computer and the sound card is the original sound card built into the computer, then the correct drivers should be available from the manufacturers website.

Please note that we no longer officially support Windows XP.

Are you trying to record streaming audio? Or from a microphone, or from a USB turntable? …Something else?

If Windows doesn’t see a recording device Audacity isn’t going to record…

I tried to get a driver for Realtek HD

The best place to find a driver is from the computer manufacturer. Or, from the motherboard (or soundcard manufacturer). Realtek makes the chips and you might find a driver on their website. It’s also possible that you have a hardware failure, but that doesn’t happen very often.

If you have a desktop/tower computer you can get a new soundcard, which will come with drivers, but make sure it comes with XP drivers. You can get a USB soundcard for a laptop (or a desktop) but it may not support recording of streaming audio and a “regular” USB soundcard doesn’t have line-in.

Stereo Mix (and “What-U-Hear”) is for streaming audio, but some soundcards/drivers don’t support it. [u]This page[/u] has suggestions for recording streaming audio, including some alternative software. Total Recorder ($18 USD & up) comes with it’s own virtual drivers, so it should work for streaming audio.