Unable to record more than 6 seconds

Sorry I’m a newbie! I have successfully used Audacity 2.1.1 on Windows 7 but it recently started to only record 6 second bursts.
After clicking ‘stop’ or ‘pause’ there was not even a 6 second recording visible. I even uninstalled the Audacity and reinstalled, but just the same happened.
Where am I going wrong, please.

I you are opening an existing project, the project must be located somewhere that you have read/write permission.

If you are launching Audacity and starting a new project, check that the Audacity “Temp” folder is located somewhere that you have read/write permission. You can check the location of the Temp directory by looking in “Edit menu > Preferences > Directories”.

Ensure that any security and/or system maintenance products installed on your machine are not deleting the Audacity temporary files (this problem has been reported with some Norton products).