unable to record guitar

I am able to get a recording from internal mic. switching to usb codec record in I receive no recordable signaL

Guitar semit good 9v
Usb Dual pro project series
Windows 7 homie ultimate
audacity 2. installed now
restarted and does recognize a new usb codec
I can hear my playback from online music in phones connected to preamp
usb connected to laptop and light is on

do not have a mic to try other inputs…Guitar is plugged into a 1/4 tinto the lpreamp

any help?..patch cord OK seems to work when plugged into amp…

Guitar semit good 9v


Usb Dual pro project series

Do you have the exact manufacturer and model number, or a link?

Does that thing have an instrument/guitar input? It might only have mic & line inputs…

do not have a mic to try other inputs…Guitar is plugged into a 1/4 tinto the lpreamp

If you have adapter cables, you can plug-in a CD player, or the audio from a DVD player, or an iPod, or the audio from your TV, etc.

Do you have a guitar amp to test the guitar and cable?

I plug in my semi acoustic into either of the two 1/4 available. guitar has new 9v to send signal to DigitalAudioDevice. I then have the device plugged into by usb a/b supplied cord. Guitar - DualPre - Laptop.

Windows 7 home Ultimate
I selected codec usb and no signal…I switched to test record from internal mic and can get a recording into Audacity…

USB Dual Pre Project Series

…Two Ch USB Pre

*** Windows 7 Users - Please read this FAQ ***

…Inputs can be either XLR balanced or 1/4-inch TRS. Each of the 1/4-inch TRS outputs is buffered low impedance balanced.

OK… There is no proper instrument input… A normal guitar/instrument input is high-impedance, 1/4" TS.

However, I would still expect some sound, and it might even work perfectly since your guitar has a preamp (an active pick-up wth a battery) and these tend to be lower impedance than a normal guitar pick-up. The TS (2-conductor) plug into the TRS (3-conductor) socket should be OK.

Plug something into the preamp’s headphone or line-output to see if you are getting sound into the preamp. Do you have headphones or ear buds? Or you can plug-in regular “powered” computer speakers or a hi-fi system, etc.

If you are getting sound out of the preamp, then you’ve got a driver or configuration problem, and we can work on that.

USB Dual Pre Project Series
Line input for Guitar is Via the “combo” XLR balanced or 1/4-inch TRS…REMOVE pin covers to access 1/4 input…"I was simply disregarding this and both the 1/4’s on the back are monitor outs…but my mistake did however force me to research even further other “troubleshoots” that I am sure I will encounter with my new-to-digital recording experience…thx

A guitar input is a “convenience,” but I don’t know that you absolutely need it. One of our editors routinely used to play his electric into the Line-In of one of our mixers just to hear it play.

As an experiment, I hooked it up to the instruments (with his permission) and if I really hogged down on a chord, I could get the same analog sound level as as any CD, cassette or entertainment system. If my playing style was more civilized/muted, then, yes, I could use the extra boost typical of Guitar Inputs. But even then with a quiet, well behaved external soundcard, it could be made to work.