unable to record from USB turntable

Hi there,
I am having trouble getting set up for recording from my USB Turntable.
I am on a MacBook Air using Sierra 10.13.6 Audacity 2.4.2.

My host is on Core Audio, Recording Device is on USB AUDIO CODEC, Recording Channels 2 (Stereo) Recording, Playback Device is Built-in Output.

Audio MIDI Setup shows USB AUDIO CODEC 1 Output, Source:default Format: 2 ch 16-bit integer 48.1 kHz, Master Stream Front left value 1.0 front right value 1.0
USB AUDIO CODEC 2 Input Source:default Format:2 ch 16-bit integer 44.1 kHz Master Stream no values

System preferences sound settings: Input is on USB AUDIO CODEC. Settings for the selected device: The selected device has no input controls, input level bar is greyed out.

Transport Options Software Playthrough

When I start the record, nothing shows up when monitoring or recording. It seems like its not recognizing my turntable. It’s connected from the turntable to the computer using a USB port.
I have tried the unplugging and shutting down and restarting, rescanning audio devices.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Desktop > Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. Can you see something that might be the turntable and does the bouncing sound meter work when you play something?


No, meter does not work when I play something. Also, in System Preferences>Security&Privacy Settings, when I click on Microphone, Audacity does not show as an app requesting to access the microphone.

Your posting says a MacBook Air using Sierra 10.13.6 but your message header says Catalina. Your symptoms are something Catalina might do.


I am writing from the iMac desktop that is running Catalina but am trying to use Audacity on my MacBook Air which is Sierra.