Unable to record from motu usltraLite mk3 Hybrid

I am using os 10.14.6
Audacity 2.3.3
and a motu ultraLite mk3 hybrid (usb & firewire) interface with the most current drivers

My goal is to transfer a bunch of live recordings from a minidisc unit to my MacBookPro (touch bar 13" 4 thunderbolt ports).

After downloading the MOTU drivers and using the osX sound preference pane as well as the MOTU setup application to set the MOTO device as a sound source I am still not receiving sound from the unit into Audacity.

I do see audio from the unit showing on the system sound pref pane and I have been able to record audio from the MOTU unit using Apple’s quicktime movie player.

I have also been able to record audio from the computer’s built in microphone in Audacity.

My only trouble is recording MOTU interface’s usb output into audacity.
I have checked the OSx privacy setting for the microphone (not that that should effect recording from usb input) that has been mentioned as a potential problem and have set Audacity to have mic access.

Help would be appreciated. I have the MOTU unit on load from a friend and am under some time pressure to get these discs transferred.


I saw another similar report from someone using a motu ultraLite mk3 hybrid.
Could you try this version of Audacity: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kq20Mje9ix_hgOW_BBFfgWrFgUsoLgu7
This version has a later version of PortAudio, which “may” resolve the problem (we won’t know until someone tries it).