Unable to record clear stereo separation where right and left channels are different

I am having a great deal of trouble creating stereo recordings with Audacity. I’m hoping that someone here can shed some light on this for me and get me on the right path. I am using the Behringer UFO 202 USB audio interface for converting my vinyl records to digital files.
I play the vinyl records on my old Aiwa turntable connected to the UFO 202 and a Dell Latitude laptop running Audacity 3.3.3.
The digital recordings come through clearly with one major exception: I am not getting the proper stereo two-channel separation. Everything points to recording in stereo but the recording is coming out as two tracks with exactly the same waveforms. Playback is the same.
The two LP albums that I have tried to record have very definite and clear stereo separation where you can hear the music through the right speaker and then through the left speaker, then back to the right and back to the left. When the music is recorded, the left and right waveforms in Audacity are identical. When I play the MP3 file in Windows Media Player, the right channel sounds good; but the left channel sounds very distant as if it was a mono recording.
I hope I have explained my problem correctly so any reader can understand the problem I’m having. Thanks very much for the help anyone can provide.

What happens when you plug-in the left & right inputs separately (one at a time)?

…Oh, make sure both Audacity and Windows are configured for stereo.

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