Unable to record both sides of a Skype VoIP conversation

I run Windows 10 (automatically updated) and use Audacity 2.2.2. I use a Microsoft LifeChat LX-600 headset (mike & earphones). I’ve tried the MME, WASAPI, and even Windows Direct Sound settings. My microphone is set at “headset microphone,” my speaker is set at “headset earphone,” and the 2 Stereo Recording Channels is chosen.

When I try to record a telephone conversation using Skype, Audacity picks up MY voice, but NOT the voice, etc., of THE PERSON TO WHOM I’M CONNECTED.

Is there another Audacity setting that I’ve missed? If so, what is it?

Also, I suspect that Windows—as convoluted as it is—has settings that I need to reset in order to get Audacity to pick up both sides of a Skype conversation.

Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Try [u]Pamela For Skype[/u] or search for something similar.

By default, Windows only allows you to record from one thing at a time. It requires special software to get-around that.