Unable to Record Audio With Game Open

Good Afternoon, :slight_smile:
For the past week or so I’ve been troubleshooting by myself and with the manual but nothing has worked. My problem is when I try to play the game Team Fortress 2 and then attempt to record audio of it audacity fails to capture anything, what happens is the progress bar that shows how long the recording is will move along slowly and choppily also showing that there is no sound present and sometimes when I stop the recording I will get the error “Latency Correction setting has caused the recorded audio to be hidden before zero. Audacity has brought it back to zero. You may have to use the Time Shift Tool ( < — > or F5) to drag the track to the right place.” Is there away I can successfully be able to record myself and have the game running at the same time, my specs are as followed:
Audacity V. - 2.1.2
Microphone - Beats Wireless Headset
Game used - Team Fortress 2
Windows V. - 10
If you need further information I’d be happy to provide.
Thanks for the assistance,

You don’t want to just record the game, right? You want the live commentary, too?


I am capable of recording the game’s audio using my OBS
however when I try to record commentary over my microphone while the game is recording is when the error occurs.

The microphone is a computer service, but the game is a separate device. Audacity can only connect to one device at a time. It’s the same reason we can’t easily record both sides of a Skype call.

We used to call for FRAPS, but they don’t support Win10.


Maybe FRAPS is OK with it now. You should check.


If you find a solution, you should post back. Lots of people would love to know how you did it.


You could probably try VoiceMeeter. The “Banana” version has its own recorder so you don’t even have to use Audacity.