Unable to Record Audio from Cassette to MP3 Player (MAC OS Mojave 10.14.6)

Hi, I bought the USB Audio Capture device from V.TOP and I’m unable to record audio into audacity. I’ve tried all the steps necessary to fix this issue on the wiki page but it seems that I can’t change the device from 48,000 HZ to 44,100 HZ. It won’t let me in AUDIO MIDI DEVICE.

This one? http://www.vtopu.com/product1/showproduct.php?id=50

Ensure that the device is connected before you launch Audacity.

What won’t let you? What does this mean?

I can’t change the HZ from 48,000 to 44,100, and the product shows up in audacity but only records the play click not the audio.

It won’t let me in AUDIO MIDI DEVICE.

Just FYI - The cassette player is NOT a [u]MIDI[/u] device and Audacity is NOT a MIDI application.

…The cassette player SHOULD WORK with Audacity (as long as it’s not defective) if you can get your computer configured correctly. I’m a Windows guy so I can’t be of much help with that.