Unable to record a cassette tape


New to Audacity and would appreciate some assistance with recording a cassette from a portable player to a mac os 10.14.2.

I followed the instructions to connect the player to the computer, then launched Audacity. I’ve adjusted the settings and preferences on the mac and in Audacity many times, but not able to figure out how to record the cassette to the computer.

After I start play on the player, then the record button in Audacity - the line is flat and nothing is recording. As mentioned, I’ve adjusted settings all over the place and nothing is helping. I’ve checked the help feature in Audacity and this forum, but still - nothing is working.

I ensured the tape is playing something as I connected the earplugs to the player and I hear the music.

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.


If you open the “Sound” preferences, do you see an input level from the cassette player in the “Input” tab?