Unable to play second project in memory


With version 3.13 when I load a second project into memory I am unable to play the first one. This did not occur in version 2.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



You should be able to play both projects. Just not both at the same time.

With version 3.13…

There is a 3.1.3.


Thanks for your response Koz.

I do mean separately. So I load one project which I can play but as soon as I load a second project into memory I can play it but when I switch back to the first project nothing happens when I click on play.


That could be due to this bug: Audacity may remain in playback mode after playback stops · Issue #2962 · audacity/audacity · GitHub
(Please note that although the bug is marked “closed”, that does not mean that it has been fixed. It has just been closed because it is similar to another bug).

If that is the cause, then the workaround is to click the Stop button in one project before switching to the other project.

Thanks Steve, that works. I was pressing pause and then switching to the other project. Pressing STOP now seems to work fine.
Much appreciated, cheers, John