unable to overdub

I am unable to overdub…after I record a track and hit record a new track appears but the curser doesn’t move except to vibrate at the beginning of the blank track.
I`ve had this problem before but it seemed to fix itself.
Any suggestions ?

Also if I uncheck record on a new track the curser starts at the end of the track stays there and vibrates as before.
anyone ?

That usually means the connection to the microphone is bad or ratty. USB microphone? Is it going through a USB hub or splitter?

Are you using the microphone for many different things? Skype, Chat, Games…and Audacity? Unplug the microphone and restart the machine. Start and don’t let anything else start, plug in the microphone and then start Audacity. Any better?


this is a Sure-SM 57 plugged into an Allen and Heath 8 channel mixer with a USB connection to the computer…I reinstalled Audacity…did what you said with the mic…still doesn`t work

This has fixed itself to some extent again…I went through this a while back and it finally started working…i unplugged and plugged the usb connection a couple of times and restarted the computer and it started working…although I still get the error message sometimes…if I close Audacity and start it again sometimes it works ok…sometimes not…Im pretty sure Im headed for trouble here…suggestions ?

its doing it again..im lost…its thanksgiving day and I dont expect an answer for a while…happy TD

Don’t give up yet. We didn’t all fly to Montana for T-Day.

an error message that says Error opening recording device

If your system is set for Overdubbing, then both Record and Playback systems have to be working perfectly. If you’re missing either one, you will get an error message.

You’re trying to run a game at the same time as record with Audacity? Has that ever worked? I’m guessing no. Audacity doesn’t Play Well With Others. You can’t have two different apps struggling to use the computer’s Sound Services at the same time. Can you record your voice on something else? Phone?


Im not running anything else..when Im recording music I always shut down all other applications…sometimes I play through a mic…others I plug my guitar directly into the mixer…it doesnt seem to make much difference...sometimes it works others not..sometimes it works but there are issues overdubbing...other times works fine or not at all..im thinking about going to system restore and rolling back to another restore point..not sure what you are referring to recording my voice on something else..ill see if I can do that on my phone but I dont understand why you want me to do that.

Now its doing something new..im recording ok atm but now I cant play anything back..when I hit play everything behaves normally except I cant hear a thing thru my speakers or headphones…I’ve looked at all the settings nothing seems off…restarted…anything I can think of nothing fixes it…I can listen to music online…wav files stored in my computer…everything seems to be working except I cannot listen to any audacity projects whether Im in the middle of one or playing an old recording..I cant hear a thing :frowning:

Now it`s doing something new.

You’re a candidate for a student or even professional for hire to help you. We can continue to troubleshoot through the forum, but if you have forever changing problems, this might take a while.

Do you have Windows set for Auto Update? The last few Windows updates created some serious problems. I asked around the breakfast table a couple of days ago if everybody’s computer was working OK. To A Person they said no and they couldn’t get their machines to do what they wanted.

While we ate, one of them called his “tech guy,” Tech Guy remote logged into his Windows machine and fixed it—right there in front of the fried eggs.

We can wait for someone more familiar with Windows to post and help.


Thanks that helps…I restored back 2 restore points and got it to work but overall weird stuff has been happening…youtube not playing right…misc similar issues…I had read that recent windows updates had problems…i never know what to do when I see that because I was under the impression there would be issues if I didn`t update.
Should I turn automatic update off? If so how do I know which updates to install ? Should I uninstall recent updates ?

Issues again…I can record a track but cannot overdub…1st track records no problem…hit record again a new track opens but the curser vibrates at the beginning.
I forgot say…when I start the computer I get a message that says " TSUB Control Panel x Failed to Open Application Configuration File "
This has been going on since I installed the driver for this mixer many months ago…I didn`t try to fix it as everything seemed to be working.
anyone ?

Issues again.

And I still think you need to get local help in your town or city.

People have not been galloping to your assistance because nobody has any clear idea what’s wrong. From your description you have a profoundly unstable machine. That’s difficult to fix on a voluntary forum across multiple time zones.

The forum concept is “users helping each other.” There is no help desk. If the elves and helpers have no idea, we can wait for another poster who solved similar issues to help you.


I’d suggest that you ask Allan and Heath about that, as it appears to an error relating to their software.

I will…still working on it here…one thing I just noticed…this only happens when overdub is checked in preferences…otherwise everything seems to work fine.

can anyone give me a little more insight into this ? this is a very heavy high end custom computer…i`m afraid I might drop it as I have to carry it down three sets of stairs to get it in my van
again it only messes up when I check the overdub box

going once…going twice…

What did Allan & Heath say about that error message: “TSUB Control Panel x Failed to Open Application Configuration File”