unable to open target file for writing

Hello! I’ve seen that this error (“unable to open target file for writing”) has popped up in your forums before, but after trying the tips recommended in those threads I am no closer to exporting my files to mp3. I’ve verified that my file names are valid and I’ve double-checked the LAME destination folder to which they are supposed to be exported. What else can I try?

I’m working on OS X 10.9 and my Audacity version is 2.0.5.

Thank you!!!

I am no closer to exporting my files to mp3.

Can you File > Export to a WAV on the Desktop? MP3 involves export packages and is needlessly complex for troubleshooting. See if the WAV export works. If it does, the desperation method is create your MP3 in iTunes while we figure this out.

Are you the only user of your computer – that you know of? Do you split yourself between network-linked drives or anything fancy like that? Is your destination on your System Drive? I, for example, have FireWire drives connected and they’re a lot more stable than USB.

When was the last time you did a Repair Permissions?

Go > Utilities > Disk Utilities. Select your system drive and Verify Disk and then Repair Permissions.

Let us know.


You can export MP3’s where you like as long as you have permission to write there and the Mac can do it. if you are trying to export to the LAME DMG, you cannot. Try changing the export destination to your Desktop instead.

If you are using Export Multiple, you cannot put asterisks (*), question marks (?) or forward slashes (/) in the file name due to various bugs.