Unable to open target file for writing

I’m using Audacity 2.03 and a Windows 7 x64 operating system.

I’m stuck at converting to MP3 for upload! I’ve downloaded the LAME program and everything looks like it’s in the right place. The project is a stereo audiobook, split into 25 chapters with appropriately numbered labels. There is an adjacent stereo track that includes a smidge of music. I’m trying to do a multiple export. There are no illegal punctuation marks, just numbers and letters. There’s plenty of available disc space. The export location is listed as Program Files (x86) Audacity. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Like the program so far. Thanks in advance, M.

Never put anything in Windows - Program Files. That’s a sensitive folder.

Except for things that should be there, such as the Audacity program files. (by default, Audacity is installed into Program Files).

“User files” (those files that you create) need to go into your “user space”, such as into “Documents”, or “My Music”, or any sub-folder of C:Users

Thank you all for your prompt reply on this! It was the missing piece of the puzzle. Sincerely, M.