unable to open project

Hello all and thanks for your time.

I’ve read through http://manual.audacityteam.org/help/manual/man/faq.html and it has not answered my question.

I’m using 2.0.4 and am getting an error “problems reading sequence tags” when opening an .aup. I have attached the aup, autosave, and log files as requested.
ccffa.7z (129 KB)
The method for saving was File → Save Project. No anti-virus is present on this machine; it has a dedicated purpose, and that may be two days of null data if not able to resurrect this. The same thing happened with 10-21 files, but I just chunked them thinking it was an oddity.

I also installed the FFMpeg from here: http://lame1.buanzo.com.ar/

Thanks in advance for your support.

Personally I can’t see anything wrong with the structure of the AUP file.

The autosave file is only for the first part of the project. Were you deleting part of the audio? Was there a crash?

What do you mean by that, a project called “10-21”?

If this is a recording, rather than audio you have been cutting up and moving round and editing, you should be able to recover it manually by time-sorting then renaming the AU files in the _data folder, then using the 1.2 Recovery Utility. Please see here for how to do that:
Missing features - Audacity Support .


None of that worked. I spent three (3) days trying to recover it. Thanks for your help.